Barragem de Campilhas

The dam was built in 1954, as part of the Irrigation Plan to the Alentejo for supporting the development of agriculture in the country, especially in the Alentejo, where a water shortage prevails in certain periods.

The natural area is ideal for recreation. You can undisturbed walking, cycling, horseback riding, sunbathing and swimming.

This has created a beautiful nature area with many species of fish and birds. There is plenty of nature to enjoy, so there are wild pigs, numerous birds, lizards, insects and butterflies. It is also excellent for swimming. You will find plenty of places where you meets anyone.

In winter (abundant) rainwater is stored in the lake. In case of dry summers that water can be transported through a canal system over the region. Obviously farmers benefit greatly because in summer there is also plenty of water. In short, during your stay in the Alentejo, this lake is worth visiting. Barragem the Campilhas is within walking distance of Monte Vale Pereiro holiday. We show you the way!