Horseback Riding

Horseback riding in the Alentejo

Monte Vale Pereiro offers you in association with the Riding School of Monte D’Avó what for many people is considered a symbol of a true paradise: horseback riding in Portugal, on sand dune tracks or on a succession of hills and valleys with Alentejo’s nature as a background scenario.

You can choose a horseback ride from a variety of types, duration and other arrangements. But there are also a few tempting offers for those arriving without any kind of plans.

If you have little or no experience with horses, then you came to the right place: ride one of the more docile animals for an hour along the borders of Baragem de Campilhas, and return by taking one of the many inland tracks. Do not doubt for a moment that this will be an unforgettable experience. Most likely, it will be the beginning of a long and lasting relationship between you, the equestrian art and these lovely animals. If you’re experienced enough to trot or gallop, enjoy a wonderful day with a four hour horseback ride which includes a picnic.

You will experience the pleasure of riding along one of the most beautiful areas of Portugal, whether you are only a pair of horseback riders or part of a larger group. Children with or without experience are most welcome. Believe us: they will be forever grateful for this opportunity to get to know these fascinating animals! This healthy contact with horses that no child remains indifferent to, and the close contact with nature sharpens their senses. Family rides have a surprising impact on them, and translate into hours of bonding and true happiness. If you do not want to stay at Monte Vale Pereiro, but only want to have riding lessons or horse riding through the countryside, that is also possible. Come and learn to ride horses at the Riding School of Monte D’Avó. Learn how to ride and handle horses. It is fun and educational. From 5 years old, you can start riding lessons. It is also possible to make trips in the beautifull nature around Cercal.

Riding lessons are open to all ages.