Cercal do Alentejo

The coast of the Alentejo has many faces. In the south, rugged, steep cliffs with small beaches and fishing ports. Further north, exchanging white dunes with blue lagoons and lush rice fields. Less than 6 km from Monte Vale Pereiro is the cozy place Cercal do Alentejo.

Something not to be missed is a visit to pastelaria Bau Doce. Taste the delicious variety of cakes and dishes of traditional cuisine. Take place on the patio and enjoy!

Cercal do Alentejo is Located near the coast, midway between Santiago do Cacém and Odemira, Cercal do Alentejo is a small town of just over 4.000 people. Its name derives from the Latin quercalu (meaning oak), due to the large number of such trees in the area. What to see. Dating back to the 17th century, Cercal do Alentejo’s charming parish church features a striking interior with sculptures and other items of interest.

Nearby. A short drive to the southwest lies Vila Nova de Milfontes, an attractive resort town situated at the mouth of the River Mira. Once an important harbour, its imposing castle (now a hotel) served as a lookout post for pirates venturing up and down the Alentejo coast. Cercal do Alentejo is a village with all amenities. There are Cafes, restaurants and several supermarkets. There is also a pharmacy, post office, two banks and various other shops. In the close environment is a reservoir (the Barragem de Campilhas) where you can swim and relax. This lake is within walking distance of Mount Vale Pereiro.